Gemini: The Communicator

Ruled by the communication planet, Mercury, Gemini is all about output. They talk about it all- intellectual curiosity to salacious gossip.

Geminis exude infectious energy, positivity and good vibes. They are the crew you want to party with.

Can be found: Buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors. Juggling passions, careers, hobbies, and friend groups.

Turnoffs include: Committing to just one thing.

V Air Plant Hanger: Air plants are great for distracted air signs. Minimal care and with the floating aesthetic to match.

Geminis love puzzles! Being an air sign fond of ideas, “Food for Thought” is the perfect puzzle. Especially if the puzzle can be done with friends over some low key gossip.

Quilt Card Set: Help the Gemini in your life keep up with her correspondence. This social butterfly has a lot of communicating to do.

An important lesson for intellectual Geminis is to study with an open heart. This necklace is a reminder to drop in from the mind and into our emotions.

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