Gifts for Aquarius: The Innovator

Welcome to Aquarius Season!

Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is the most innovative, progressive, and rebellious. Her focus is humanitarian - the macro over micro. She has an eclectic, individual aesthetic. Expect an Aquarius to put outfits together that are a little wacky but somehow totally work.

Here are our gift picks for these rebel-hearted change makers.

Birth charts that are light on water can import it by drinking more. And the water bearer could use a more fashionable container such as the Beacon Bedside Carafe

Air feeds the fire and this air sign is always looking for a spark (and they might need fire for their weird science experiments). The Volcano Match Striker is the perfect little vessel for storing & striking matches.

A poem is an unexpected gift, and Aquarians will appreciate the unique approach. Choose a Poem that shows the complexity and depth of the human experience. 

The Guatemala Collection is perfect for finding unique, one of a kind gifts to compliment that signature, eclectic Aquarian style.

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