Gifts for Aries: The Leader

The ram is a big presence diving headfirst into challenges with optimism and exuberance. They are the spark of the group who get things going. Then they get bored.

Ruled by Mars, they are bold, ambitious, passionate, and loud. They are brutally honest. You can trust an Aries to tell you the truth when you need to hear it.

Can be found: getting the party started, being unashamed.
Turnoffs include: sitting still, being quiet, beating around the bush.

Red Revolution Circle Tote: Red is the color of Aries’ ruler, Mars, and the 1st House is all about first impressions. This bag brings the fire and lively spirit of the Ram.

Brass Hoops: Speaking of making a first impressions-- PennyLark Co-Founder and Aries Babe, Summer, models these stunners.

Handcrafted Candle: Bring the fire to this cardinal sign. Create ambiance to cultivate more chill for this go-getter.

Not Sorry Necklace: Aries is living unapologetically-- brash, bold, honest, and impulsive. #NoRegrets

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