Gifts for Leo: The Performer

Get ready for Leo season! We've got gifts all picked out for your spotlight-seeking loved ones.

Roll out the red carpet! Leos love to be recognized for what they share -- they never tire of hearing about their gifts. They can teach you to honor your gifts, too. We could all do with a little Leo energy power strut.

For birthday planning think glitz, glam, and a compliment-filled card.

Revolution Circle Tote

This stunner is the color of Leo and the circle is representative of the Sun, Leo’s ruler! Their drive to express and impress will definitely be complimented by this bag.

Rainbow Arches

These earrings are absolutely stunning on -- flashing and sparkling with movement. Just the thing for Leo, the Performer: golden and glam.

Hair Glow Cleansing Cream

Leos have great manes and need equally great products to care for them. Hair Glow is just the thing for getting you to the ultimate good hair day.

Cylinder Vase - Speckled Glaze 

For the flowers they receive and the flowers they buy for themselves. Fill with brightly colored blooms (no basic carnations though.)

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