Gifts for Libra: The Romantic

Libras need to surround themselves with beauty and create environments that reflect their superior taste. Hire them to be your decorator or help you create your online dating profile.

They resolve conflicts with charm, compromise, and their ability to see multiple perspectives. And Libras love a romantic gesture-- or several.

Dolly - Uplifting Mediation Mist

This spray invokes feelings of love and harmony, which is perfect for this romantic sign.

Love Potion Black Tea

The drive of the Libra is to love and be loved. This tea and spell could help your single friend achieve a storybook romance with all the trimmings.

Mineral Bath Soak - Rosehip

Libras are the aesthetes of the zodiac and beautiful bath products, the color of Libra, containing romantic rosehip and bergamot is a solid choice.

Intention Candles - Balance

Libras are concerned with harmony. They seek balance and making final decisions can be a challenge. Burning this candle helps to clear imbalance and citrine will give energy a boost.

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