Gifts for Scorpio: The Witch

Scorpio is water sign that uses emotional energy as fuel. They cultivate powerful wisdom through both the physical and unseen realms. They ask questions and are attracted to what is beneath the surface. The keyword is intensity.

Scorpios are well-suited for forensic psychology, rebelling against the Matrix, or just being the brooding philosophy student at the bar. 

Kitchen Towel- Snakes

The perfect accent piece for kitchen witchery. Scorpios are into sex and death, but also homemaking!

Leather Clutch

As tough as it is beautiful, much like the Scorpio herself. Choose a black one for her to hide all her secrets.

Yoni Necklace

Scorpio rules the genitals. It is what it is. 

She Wolf Tarot Deck

Gotta give the sorceress of the zodiac some new tools. These cards are stunning and esoteric enough for Scorps-- plus 2 “secret arcana”? Simply made for this secretive friend.

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