Gifts for Virgo: The Helper

Virgos are deep-rooted in the material world. And they work HARD (see BEYONCE).

Virgos also love to be helpful. They are supportive friends who use their wicked smarts and resourcefulness to problem-solve your life. (You're welcome!) We've rounded up some appropriate gift options for these hot librarians.

Spotted Glaze Planter

Virgos are associated with the 6th House of pets and plants. Daily rituals of feeding, caring for, and watering helps keep them grounded. And they are diligent so there's a high likelihood they’ll keep them alive and thriving.

I Matter Self Love Oil

One of the challenges for the Virgoan is to get off the hamster wheel of self-criticism and into self-love and self-acceptance. Helping her embrace her whole self is a great gift.

Important Sh*t Mini Notepad

Does the Virgo in your life already have a notebook? Probably 100%. But, they can always use another for all their to-do lists and organizing. It's their happy place.

Brew Pot & La Vie En Rose Herbal Tea

Another practical gift for this pragmatic friend. Tea preparation is a daily ritual appealing to the Virgo. This tea also supports digestion for their upset tummies and stress relief for their tendency to worry.

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