Shop for Capricorn: The CEO

Capricorn has big boss energy. She takes pride in being correct, having a sly and sarcastic sense of humor, and being able to pay for everyone's dinner. She's got boundaries, rules, receipts, and retirement accounts. She is the dad of the Zodiac and always brings home the bacon.

Oversized Clutch - Cross-Stitch

Oversized Clutch - Rainbow

This workaholic can't go anywhere without access to Slack. Get her a stylish bag that can fit her laptop for "vacation".

French Press - Smoke

Capricorns appreciate a practical gift-- a beautiful accoutrement to the power suit.

Hole In My Heart Necklace

Just like her, this necklace is delicate but looks tough.

Meditation Mist - Nina

tub kit.

This workaholic can always use the not-so-subtle hint to chill out. Choose items that encourage rest and rejuvenation.

Go big with this one-- Since birth, Christmas has been stealing her spotlight.

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