Shop for Sagittarius: The Philosopher

Sagittarians go big and spend little time at home. Their wanderlust pulls them road-tripping any chance they get: searching for new food to try, people to meet, and chasing sunsets. 

They are an excellent drinking buddy, travel companion, or debate teammate. They have an infectious laugh and endless charm. Affable, funny, and brutally honest.

Here are our gift picks for your adventure-seeking, hilarious story-telling loved ones (wherever they are).

Arrow-Stitch Weekender Duffel Bag

A Sag is ready to go. They love an adventure and are restless to get out of town. And the arrow-stitch is emblematic of the centaur.

Music in She Oracle Deck

Her attention-grabbing excess is very rock & roll. She can manage the day-to-day switch from Beyonce to Cher to Dolly energy.

Dopp Kit

Can a Sag have too much travel gear? Nonsense. It’s been a long quarantine and she is itching to go.

The Beautiful Naturalist Gift Box

This cultivated gift box is perfect. The snake hangs from her rearview mirror. The notebook is her travelogue. The bandana protects her neck from the sun and her nose from the dust of deserts. A bath soak for her sore muscles from hiking all day. The oracle deck to help her choose "where to next?" Plus, an easy accessory for dancing later.

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