In a big box world, we long for connection

Traveling from coast to coast to work, I realized I missed connecting to my friends across the county though the exchange of gifts.  But after a week of flights and a mess of unpacked bags, I wasn't headed out to go shopping or stand in a post office line.  Late at night in some rando hotel, I would wish for a place to buy ethical and meaningful gifts to celebrate the people I loved, that was not limited to a certain place. Afterall, we weren't really living in a certain place anymore. 

In an big box world, we long for connection. As a gift giver, I wanted my dollars to support the issues I cared about, and I wanted options beyond the murkey fair trade world, so that I didn't support unsustainable and harmful big business practices I was seeing happening within the bestselling brands.

And so, we created PennyLark Finery. 

Named for women in our lives that offered us remarkable generosity, everything we do at PennyLark considers the social and environmental impact. Such as:

FAIR LABOR - We're putting in the work to research every company we are doing business with, beginning with our business bank.

PACKAGING - We consider the most earth friendly way to package goods that will do the job of delivering a beautiful, gift quality aesthetic for every order.

EQUITY - We prioritize supporting Black, Indigenous, POC, Women, Moms and Queer owned small businesses that share our values.

QUALITY - If it doesn't last, it isn't sustainable. We prioritize natural materials and well crafted goods.

We are learning everyday as we navigate what "ethical" means and when.  It is not always easy or profitable to do the right thing.  But with your support, we are building a brand that is grounded in love and connection. 

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