Why Buy Women Owned?

One of the categories we prioritize when taking on new makers to showcase at PennyLark.com is women-owned.   

We know women spend differently, and as Stephany Sarkis for Forbs writes, ”Women contribute a larger percentage of their earnings to social good than do men," citing (Godwyn & Stoddard, 2017). "One theory as to why this occurs is that women, particularly women of color, know what it is like to be ostracized and treated like an “other” in the business world. They have experienced that inequality—therefore their businesses tend to be more socially responsible (Godwyn & Stoddard, 2017). In addition, women entrepreneurs tend to emphasize social value goals over economic value creation goals (Hechavarría. et al., 2017).”

Pay gap? Investment gap? Yes, these are major equity issues.  There is also a funding gap. Only 2.7% of venture capital dollars went towards female-founded companies in 2019. Despite the fact that female founded companies perform 63% better. We're giving you numbers from the Female Founders Fund, but you knew that.  We live in the world. 

So that's a super short summary of why we prioritize Womxn owned, Black owned, Indigenous, POC, Queer and Mom owned businesses in everything we do. It’s good for communities, and it’s good for business. 

PennyLark finery wants to make it easy for you to promote change with your dollars. It’s important to us, and we know it’s important to you!

Why buy Womxn owned? For all these reasons and more. Thank you for making PennyLark.com your new favorite indie gift shop! 🖤 We hope we can show that a profitable, ethical, self funded, creative ecommerce gift shop is possible. 

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