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The Embodied Love Luxe gift box is an invitation to return to your physical self, back to your senses, back to pleasure. Modern life asks us to spend a lot of time in digital spaces or in our heads. These women-made delights transport you back to what is tangible and true - moments of self expression and self care.

In this Luxe version you will find everything that is in the Embodied Love box, plus a candle and 2oz bottle of personal lubricant (the perfect travel size). The Vesper is in Rose Gold (it’s Silver in the original box), and you get an additional ounce of the Love Potion Tea.

• RETURN • to earth with a hot bath experience unlike any other. The maude tub kit. brings the ritual of bathing to a whole new level by bringing you salts exquisitely scented with a perfectly balanced feminine/masculine scent that feels like home and a richly creamy coconut milk bath powder. 

• HYDRATE • those often overlooked, delicate parts that are well-deserving of some attention with Kooch Quench.

• DRENCH • the skin with BODI Whip, a light lemon/lavender, coconut oil based moisturizer that feels like a dream. This family recipe has been passed down for generations. BODI is only available at PennyLark and this is the last batch will be available to the public. 

•AWAKEN • with a cup of Aesthete Love Potion Black Tea - 2 oz

• INVITE • embodied experiences with this women-designed necklace. The Vesper in Rose Gold serves as an elegant piece of jewelry and as a strong, slim, discreet, portable, external vibrator.

•SIZZLE • up on cold nights with a self or partner massage with this luxurious, gender inclusive massage candle that melts into super softening jojoba massage oil. The scent is the same delicious blend that you find with the salts that come in the tub kit.

• SLIDE • into silky pleasure with our favorite silicone based lube, shine. by maude.

• CHERISH • your embodied self with a ceramic token. A pocket reminder to stay in your body, in the physical realm.  A token is a catalyst for connecting, conversation, sharing, and expressing. It's a physical vessel for thoughts and emotions. A perfect little physical reminder that one is loved, thought about, and supported.

This set will be beautifully packaged and ready gift. You can choose to have it sent in a black box with a white bow, or a white box with a black bow. Let us know your preference in the notes during checkout.

About the Makers
maude, is a fast growing company dedicated to sexual wellness and changing the way we think about women's pleasure. Founded by Latina founder Éva Goicochea, maude maintains an all-female, majority Latina, board of directors and is slaying it in the start-up world. Thoughtfully-made intimacy essentials for self care and partner shared experiences, maude's organic, body-safe products give you even more reasons to stay in bed. 

BODI was founded by Malia Thomas, a beautiful designer currently offering interior design with her small business and working in prodixt design for some of Portland’s big guys. We met her on Instagram after trying her incredible Bodi Whip and became friends visiting each other at various night markets. She is also an all-star mama.

Crave is committed to creating innovative products for women. AAPI founder Ti Chang is an award-winning designer leading the vision of bringing modern sex toys into the mainstream. Crave is designed and developed by a women-led team in San Francisco. They oversee every step of the manufacturing process across the global supply chain. They have a commitment to best-in-class body-safe materials, sustainable power sources, and a brand value of creating elegant options for women's pleasure.  

Rachel Budde is a Western herbalist and founder of Fat and the Moon, a company that provides handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking to imbue their daily regimes with more intention and botanical benefit. Rachel has explored her Slovenian heritage as it relates to Slovene traditions of herbal medicine. She has traveled to Slovenia and spent time interviewing her family as well as her Slovenian colleagues in ethnobotany, herbalism, folk tradition, and ethnography. 

Aesthete Tea is a QBIPOC, woman-owned brand that is not just about tea. It is a brand that seeks to connect communities by providing workshops, classes, and events that represent and promote a more conscious and less impactful way of living. The company was founded by Briana Thornton in 2017 in collaboration with her mother and herbalist, Maggie Cassidy. From its origin in a small kitchen, Aesthete Tea is now blended, packed, and shipped out of their 3,000 sqft production house in Portland, Oregon.

Token Moment brings love and passion to handmade ceramics.  After years of work in digital advertising, Brooklyn-based ceramicist Amanda Schram, felt disconnected. She began to create ceramic tokens to connect with people in the real world. She gave her first 50 tokens away at a Burning Man festival and so it began. When she received, in return, her first token from a friend she recognized her mission. She fully understood how things hold meaning when we put value in them. Her wish is for Token Moment to be a part of the individual and collective healing journey, to provide meaningful ways to connect and facilitate intentional giving.

May this shop grow strong, and provide for many women.

Why Shop small

Sending gifts from PennyLark means you are supporting women owned, small business with values. Search gifts creatively made without the labor and environmental exploitation of mass produced overseas goods. We run our business on love of community, and wrap every package like a gift.



I recently discovered this amazing website and ordered necklaces for my daughters. I received them in 2 days! Not only did they arrive quickly, they were carefully packed and beautifully wrapped. I wanted to peek so bad but resisted because I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the wrapping. This website empowers, features and recognizes women artists and honors their work.
They cared so much they asked for feedback and responded when I provided it. This will definitely be one of my go to sites for gift giving.

Becky From the Barrio
Seattle, WA

We all need that special thing for our ourselves/lover/sister/friend.

The sweet thing is that the research is done on where to intentionally drop our cash! I simply love the products, stories behind who creates the products and the fact that I can depend on the best curated collections.

This all makes Pennylark Finery my go-to place - and why I’m getting ready to put order number four out the door. Thank you, PennyLark Finery!

Jen Tamby
Olympia, WA

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