PennyLark Finery curates gifts from brands that you can't just find anywhere. We look for brands that use natural or sustainable materials, have taken the time to build social impact components into their business plan, can answer our questions about labor practices and material sourcing, are committed to minimizing environmental impact.  We work with Brands that can demonstrate collaborations rooted in equity, and we prioritize Women, Mom, Queer, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color makers when making purchasing decisions.  We support up-and-coming brands, solo artists, and established Certified B Corps that share in these values. We support the small batch creatives, the design minds working for global change, and the solo artist who wants to stay home with their kids.  We scour the makers markets, Instagram feeds, and our in-real-life friends' creative pursuits to find the best products that you can click and ship to anywhere in the US and Canada.  Thank you for supporting a new kind of commerce gift shop!