How can I send a personalized note to my recipient?  

Simply write out your note in the blank comments box at checkout, and we will handwrite your note and sign it from you.  If you missed the spot after check out, just contact us.  We can add your message as long as your order hasn't shipped. 

I made a mistake with my order.  Can you help?

Of course! Contact us and we can fix almost anything.  The sooner you let us know, the quicker we can resolve your issue. 

How is your packaging sustainable?

Alison and I spend a ton of time worrying about how to get things to you safely with the least amount of environmental impact.  Considering the re-usability of materials, avoiding greenwashing and deceptive practices by suppliers, and bringing you a pretty little package is a complicated job, so you can look forward to some blogs about our adventures in these choices. 

What is "ethical?"

We expect this question will evolve with our brand.  Right now we are concerned with supporting makers and brands lead by people who are often kept out of places of power, making products that are joyful and building brands that are loudly involved in community care.  We prioritize USA made, Fair Trade, Small Batch and traceable products with fair wage values. Our gifts are not on Amazon at the time we acquire them, and we take the time to research fair labor practices and ethics from all involved in our business from our suppliers to our business bank. If we carry a product from a women owned business manufacturing in a country with known labor exploitation or human rights issues around manufacturing, we talk to them about these decisions and find out why before deciding what lines we will carry. 

We go the extra long way around and pay the extra bill to avoid supporting suppliers that donate to causes that do not support liberation for all. And we will have to make a blog about this also. 

How do you choose your brands?

Many of our brands are friends of ours, friends of friends, artists we've met at markets, in bands, in activism, and people we've grown to admire on Instagram.  We shop night markets on our travels, and scour the globe for brands that make our hearts throw sparks. 

What makers do you prioritize?

We look for joy makers who are into community care.  In all areas of our lives, we prioritize supporting Black, Indigenous, POC, Women, Moms, Anti-Grind, Family Comes First, Trans and Queer owned small businesses.

Do you have a physical shop location?

Nope. We don't want one because, life.

Does PennyLark Finery do Pop-ups?

We do!  Sign up for our newsletters or find our pop up dates on Instagram.

Where do you ship? How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Alison is super fast with getting things out.  In this era of shipping, I have no idea what happens after that. You will get tracking information.  Contact us if you have any issues. Here is the official answer.

How do I include a handwritten note in my order?

Just write a note in the order notes at check out and Alison will write that up for you and sign your name.  So sweet!

How do I purchase a gift card?

Purchase a gift card here. 

Why can't I find the item I saw here before?

With handmade and small batch items, listings will come and go quickly.  If you see it and you like it, we advise you get it.  If the listing is gone, it is likely no longer available or the maker is no longer offering wholesale.  Contact us and we will tell you what we know. 

If an item is listed as "sold out" is it gone forever?

An item marked as "sold out" is ordinarily freshly sold out.  We will list an item as "coming soon" when it is on re-order or take it out of the collection grids when it is not available for re-order. 

I want an item/color that isn't listed.  Can I special order it?

We're happy to squeeze in a pre-order if we have an order going in with a maker that has a quick turn around time.  Contact us to see if we have what you are looking for on our list. 

My order arrived damaged from the shipment. What do I do?

We will totally take care of you.  Contact us and we will get you set up.

Why don't you carry this amazing brand/artist?

We're just waiting for you to tell us about them.  Send us their IG or chat us up.

I make something perfect for PennyLark Finery customers.  Where can I send over information?

We would love to know more about your work!  Contact us to send us a linesheet or chat us up on Instagram!