Booberino Wall Vase

Booberino Wall Vase

Booberino Wall Vase by Token Moment

After years of hiding behind underwire, it’s time to free the nipple. The iconic Booberino Vase puts the girls on display—making an eye-catching addition to any room. This empowering design celebrates the beauty of the female body and its infinite variations. True to real life, no two vases are alike. Expect slight variations from the photograph in our handmade designs—and enjoy your unique new piece.

The Booberino Vase features a hole in the back for easy wall hanging. Adorn with dry or real flowers—this vase is water-safe. To keep the gold shining bright, clean gently and by hand. Approximately 4” in diameter and 2.5” high.

Available in:
Dark Chocolate Brown
Medium Brown
Sprinkles (*Does Not have ring, as pictured)

This item is double-fired, reaching temperatures as high as 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, we apply real gold luster for the intricate letters and detailing, and fire a third time to ensure a highly durable, sacred AF piece of stoneware.

This piece is mighty but delicate. Take care when handling and hand wash as needed to preserve the finish.
Made by hand in the USA

About Token Moment
All Token Moment items are handmade with love and passion by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Amanda Schram. She uses a variety of materials—glazes, cookie cutters, alphabet pasta, gold luster, puns—that yield an eclectic mix of joy, empowerment, and playful creativity.

Token Moment redefines the perception of what makes something valuable by creating tangible reminders to empower and uplift ourselves and others. Tokens are a catalyst for connection, conversation, sharing, and expression. They are physical vessels for thought and emotion, facilitating moments that could otherwise pass us by.