Botanical Ink Watercolor Set

Botanical Ink Watercolor Set

Botanical Ink Watercolor Set by Karen Kriebl

These limited edition wild harvested, plant-based inks are handcrafted in the French countryside. The sets include four inks in glass dropper bottles, each one representing one of the four seasons. Rose Quince for spring, Pastel for summer, Acorn Cap for fall, Oakmoss for winter.

Karen says: "Much like a vintage in winemaking tells you when the grapes have been harvested and processed, my ink’s vintage also captures a particular moment in time and place even before the pen meets the paper. Each holds a memory, a record that is personal and unique; the color will never happen in the exact same way again. Taking a brush to canvas to see what might happen when subtle, one-of-a-kind, foraged colors meet one another, connect with oxygen, and dry to the touch is a serendipitous delight. Embrace it. Learn something new. "

For best results, use within one year of purchase.

Rose Quince.
Quince, the forgotten fruit that everyone mistakes for a strange apple. In spring, its flowers yield a delicate pink/purple color. Quince flowers are a bit too fragile as a dye on their own, but blended with summer rose petals, they produce a wonderful ink/watercolor.

The Egyptians dyed the cloth that they used to wrap mummies with woad, a yellow-flowered plant of the mustard family that is known in France as Pastel. Once the woad leaves have been dried, powdered, and fermented, a blue dye can be extracted.

Acorn Cap.
Contained within each acorn is tannin. When slow cooked, acorns (and their caps) the tannin is released, giving you the color you desire.

Evernia prunastri lives on the bark of deciduous trees. The common name is Staghorn lichen because its shape resembles the antlers of deer.
*This lichen can produce a severe reaction in people with sensitive skin. Be careful when working with it and wear gloves, eye protection, and mask.

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