Dolly - Uplifting Mediation Mist

Dolly - Uplifting Mediation Mist

Dolly - Uplifting Mediation Mist by Earth Goddess Botanicals

Connect + Uplift + Attract

Inspired by the infectious positivity, pure joy, and fierce confidence that exudes from the queen of country and rhinestones, Dolly Parton, this mist is crafted with a sweet floral blend of gardenia, tuberose, and bergamot essential oils.

Fill your sacred space with Dolly to invoke feelings of love and harmony, while reconnecting with your inner goddess. Spritz onto linens, in shower steam, or in any room to uplift your spirits and create a calming sanctuary, dispel negative energies, and discover your higher self.

Pairs well with: Yoga + Meditation + Gratitude Journaling
Pro tip: Spray on yoga mat, blanket, or pillow prior to practicing or meditation.

Distilled Water
Alcohol Denatured
Essential Oils (gardenia, tuberose, and bergamot)
Morganite Chips

Product Care
Due to the all natural properties of this product, we recommend storing these in a dry and cool place to help increase the shelf life.

About Earth Goddess Botanicals
Earth Goddess Botanicals was created from a love for nature, and all of the wonderful properties it possesses. The benefits derived from plant-based ingredients can have an effect on every aspect of our lives- from head to toe, inside and out. Our products focus on mind, body, and soul - when you feel good, you look good & when you look good, you feel good.

Every Earth Goddess Botanicals product is handcrafted in small batches, using the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. You can rest-assured that every purchase you make is all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made with love.