Feather Earrings - Black & Silver

Feather Earrings - Black & Silver

Feather Earrings by ASTALI
These delicate earrings are incredibly soft to the touch. Dainty silver chains peak out between the black Coque feathers, adding exquisite texture. Earwires are sterling silver.

Also available in Ivory with gold colored chains and 14k goldfill hardware.

Earring length ranges from 5" to 6".
Made by hand in the USA

Coque feathers are from unique roosters that grow these exceptionally long feathers and shed them once a year. These birds have been bred for over 100 years by fly fishermen, who use the feathers as fishing lures. Sustainably sourced in the USA.

If feathers or leather ever get bent, you can easily straighten them! Just run under a little water and lay flat to dry between 2 towels.

ASTALI Jewelry is designed and handmade by Los Angeles-based creator, Shannon De Jong. Since her childhood in rural Iowa, she has been collecting discarded objects and re-purposing them into something new and interesting. She eventually began to customize jewelry and would find ways to turn just about any object into an adornment.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1997, Shannon has cultivated her passions for both music and jewelry. By night she performed with rock bands on her violin and viola. By day she worked behind the scenes for many successful L.A. jewelry designers.

Her double life in jewelry and music culminated in the birth of a line attributed to an alter-ego she named Jack Astali. As the line evolved, its subversive, rebellious nature emerged. Hallmarks of ASTALI designs include rugged and unexpected materials - snake vertebrae, buffalo teeth, vintage peepshow tokens, porcupine quills, recycled bullet casings, leather fringe, feathers, fool's gold, and much more.

ASTALI became a full-time endeavor when Shannon moved to New York in the Fall of 2008, officially launching in Spring of 2009. After establishing her brand for 3 years on the East Coast, she has returned "home" to Los Angeles to build on that momentum from sunny California ever since.