Granjeras Organic Instant Coffee

Granjeras Organic Instant Coffee

Granjeras Instant Coffee by Canyon Coffee

True to the name, "granjeras'' translates to women farmers, and this coffee is made from a seasonally-rotating selection of Colombian beans grown 100% by women. Virgelina Perdomo and her daughter grew the microlot of beans that comprise Granjeras. You will be enthralled by Virgelina's coffee - its round juiciness, sweet caramel body, and notes of passion fruit.

A coffee microlot is relatively smaller than a normal lot, or harvest yield, of coffee. Often, microlots are the result of a single farmer or group of farmers dedicating a smaller plot of land to which they can give more time with higher quality of care and attention to detail.

Contains 6 packets of instant coffee
Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Grown in Colombia
Roasted in the USA

About Canyon Coffee
Los Angeles, CA
Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz met in Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles in 2013. Over the next few years their love of coffee and passion for seeking out the best roasters and beans they could find culminated in the idea of turning their passion into something they could share with the world.
In 2016 Canyon Coffee launched with the goal of roasting coffees that were naturally sweet, balanced, caramely, and were exclusively organic. They continue to find and roast coffee beans that can be brewed at home and taste delicious to a wide range of palettes. They know that good coffee takes love, and that starts on the farm with the people growing and tending to the beans.
Canyon Coffee is committed to developing, and maintaining, relationships with the farms and co-ops they source from to ensure the well-being of the farmers, and their families, whose livelihoods depend on the coffee trade.