Kitty Stardust Cat Collar

Kitty Stardust Cat Collar

Kitty Stardust Cat Collar by Niaski

Illustrated in the style of musician David Bowie and inspired by the song 'Ziggy Stardust', this collar and matching enamel charm is unique, colorful and will make any cat stand out from the rest. Soft, yet strong, this collar is fully adjustable and fitted with a safety breakaway clasp that will break free should your cat get caught on anything whilst out and about.

Adjusts from approx 6" to approx 10"

About Niaski
Devon, UK

Nia Gould runs her design studio business from her home in Devon. She has been interested in design and illustration for as long as she can remember. Nia started designing professionally in 2001 and graduated with a first-class degree in Graphic Design in 2008 from Falmouth, a university renowned worldwide for art, design and media. She worked as a Design Manager for an Arts venue in Exeter, Devon for 10 years, during which she created her own business, Niaski, and began selling prints, cards, enamel pins, bags, and gifts. Niaski focuses on two of her biggest passions - art and cats.