Many Queens Tarot Deck

Many Queens Tarot Deck

Many Queens Tarot by Portland Artist Lettie Jane

Many Queens is a tarot deck with an inclusive definition of femininity, beauty, and body image. The characters in this deck blend the boundaries between gender, sex, family, friendship, shape and size. They celebrate the beauty in our differences and the love we can find in ourselves.

3.5" x 5"
The cards come in a two-piece box covered in the eye pattern on the back of the deck.
A 16-page booklet with some divination information is included in the box.

About Lettie Jane
"My name is Lettie Jane Rennekamp, I'm an artist working in Portland, Oregon by way of Kentucky.
I love to draw.
Sometimes that means vases, naked ladies, oak leaves, hippy-looking suns, moons, eyes, hands: an ever-changing iconography. Add to this some fancy handwriting giving myself advice and you've got the basic recipe for what I do. I use brush pens, watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencil and pencil to make my creations.
I made a tarot deck that embraces a wider array of body-types and genders. It helped me heal some of my beauty and image-based anxieties.
I’m a single mother of a lightning bolt, his name is Nicky. I am lucky to have a great coparent helping me raise this kid. Mothering and it’s many struggles often finds its way into my work. I love exploring my feelings and ideas through art.
I teach art to teenagers at Pacific Crest Community School, and to adults at Radius Art Studio. I think anyone can make art that wants to, and believe we all need support in creation. I love looking at art and seeing other artists grow and change.
My favorite things are swimming in cold water in the summer and soaking in hot water in the winter. I love coffee, horses, dogs, one-on-one conversation and cookies. I believe in energy magic, drawing and love. I’m really good at finding LEGOs ".

Instagram @lettiejanemakes