Moon Ritual Kit

Moon Ritual Kit

Moon Ritual Kit by J. Southern Studio

This Moon Ritual Kit is the perfect tool for any intention setting ceremony. It's expansive and versatile ingredients can be used for both banishing, and enticing, rituals or spells. Need money? Check. Want some love? We got you covered. Stressed out and need to relax? Yep, got that too. Looking for spiritual guidance? You'll find it with the Moon Kit. A great gift for a friend, relative, or yourself.

Ritual Kit includes
• White chime candle
• Black chime candle
• Ceramic candle holder
• Pine Scotch essential oil
• Black tourmaline, selenite, and quartz crystal
• A mini bouquet with rose, lavender, cedar, and eucalyptus
• California white sage stick for purification and cleansing. Cultivated sustainably
from private land or farmed in Southern California.
• Holy palo santo wood from South America for sealing in good energies and
welcoming positivity. This palo santo is harvested from naturally fallen branches in
Ecuador by a supplier that works to reforest land in conjunction with their local
• Black turkey feather to aid in wafting the purified smoke. Feathers is upcycled and
wrapped with a scrap leather handle.
• Detailed instructions printed on 100% recycled paper.

About J. Southern Studio
J. Southern Studio is woman-owned and operated company creating specialized adornment and wellness objects intended to help connect, manifest, and align with the energies around us. Inspired by crystal healing philosophies, candle magick practices, traditional herbal smoke rituals, and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, all JSS products are designed to encourage manifestation through meditation.
Everything JSS creates is made to order by hand and with love in their downtown Los Angeles workshops. Their small but mighty team is a diverse group of artists and artisans, and they enjoy donating portions of their online sales to various nonprofit organizations as much as possible. Some that they have supported are:
• California Native Plant Society
• Catarina's Club
• Defenders of Wildlife 
• Native Arts & Cultures Foundation
• Skid Row Housing Trust
• The Trevor Project