Music In She Oracle Deck

Music In She Oracle Deck

Oracle Deck by Music In She

Music in She Oracle is designed to guide you through present and upcoming opportunities and challenges — from the inspired perspective of the greatest female music icons.

Navigate situations, emotions or creative issues with these iconic artists by your side. Use the guidebook to further your knowledge of each artist’s life, their music and the archetype they represent, to assist you on your journey.

Based on 42 iconic female singers and the inspired archetypes they represent, this oracle deck is an intimate, informative, and fun tool to help you tap into your higher self. From Aaliyah to Dolly Parton to Celia Cruz, this deck spans across many eras, cultures and music genres. Each deck comes with a guidebook that offers a brief bio of each artist and the message of their archetype.

• 42 illustrated oracle cards (70x120 mm)
• 350gsm cardstock
• 100-page guidebook
• Custom premium box, holds both deck and booklet

About Music In She
Austin, TX
Life without music is a life without magic. We can easily get caught up in the details of our day to day and forget there are sweet melodies, powerful refrains and funky beats to get us through this thing called life. Music In She offers music-inspired goods and content, evoking the good vibrations you find on the dance floor and bringing them into your home and spirit.