Pompon Vessel

Pompon Vessel

Pompon Vessel by ATMA

This Pompon Vessel is as versatile as it is adorable. It can be used as a planter for a generous size succulent or as a beautiful decor element in the home. The mustard cotton tassel pops against the light grey ceramic. Each vessel is slowly handmade in a studio in Barcelona, making it a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

Measures approx 4" tall x 5" across
Handmade in Spain

About ATMA (Atelier Martin)
Barcelona, Spain
Growing up in the French Alps, Marie Martin painted and drew daily, but she did not begin working with ceramics until the age of 26 when she was living in China. It was there, among philosophical conversations and methodic learning, that she fell in love with the medium. The craftsmanship she discovered on her travels around Asia, from textile to religious objects, were vital inspiration alongside the cultures themselves. Witnessing people make time for what matters most to them – celebrating deities, caring for elders – convinced Marie of the importance of the creation process, as much as the finished product. Marie’s early days of Chinese-inspired ceramic making were built upon and enriched in San Francisco where material exploration and self-expression prevailed.
The birth of Atelier Martin is the story of these strands coming together, forming in a collection that is decorative yet functional; an oasis for the overstimulated senses; a celebration of ethnic design fused with understated simplicity.