Porta Earring

Porta Earring

Porta Earring by Tiro Tiro

Cast in brass, hand-textured with sterling silver ear wires.
Earrings measure 2" wide x 1.5" long.
Made in the USA.

About the Brand
Portland, OR
Tiro Tiro is a small line of jewelry designed by Teresa Robinson. Informed by traditional craft practices and almost 20 years of jewelry-making experience, we design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment. They believe in the power of beautiful objects to inspire, delight and bring joy to the beholder, and aim to make work that does just that. Tiro comes from the latin word for a beginner or novice.
Tiro Tiro embraces an era of experimentation and improvisation, drawing from years of practice and honed expertise and then making things up as they go. Evolving and exploring new mediums and techniques, allowing the materials to guide, finding that some of the best work happens by accident.
Teresa Robinson is the daughter of two artists and a native of the Pacific Northwest. When she was 20 years old and studying fine art at Hampshire College, she spent 6 months in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There, she took a jewelry class on a whim and fell in love with metal smithing. She lives in a little grey house in Portland, Oregon with her daughter and 2 precocious chickens.