Stone Paper Notebook

Stone Paper Notebook

Stone Paper Notebook by Hadron Epoch Design Studio

Stone paper is resistant to damage, water, and oil. Once it touches water, it dries within a few seconds without losing its form or quality. Stone paper is durable yet powder smooth to the touch since it is not made from wood fibers. This paper is best suited for ballpoint pen, sharpie, and pencil.

• 60 blank pages
• Waterproof
• Damage resistant
• Tree free
• Recyclable
• Measures 6" x 8"
• Hardcover binding
• Gold foil stamping
• Made in Hong Kong

About Hadron Epoch Design Studio
As a design studio based in Los Angeles, Hadron Epoch Design Studio creates premium-grade quality planners, journals, notepads, desktop goods, and practical lifestyle items to help customize your day-to-day routine. Their style is modern and clean, with a splash of sass in between. They hope to make the world a more vibrant place - one high-quality design at a time.