Thumb Cup

Thumb Cup

Thumb Cup by Gravesco Pottery

Whether you opt for a double old fashioned poured with an amazing whiskey or a deliciously concocted alcohol free refresher, both will be equally at home in your new favorite cup by Gravesco Pottery.
Holding approximately 8-10 ounces, this cup is perfect for all your favorite drinks, and makes for a great dessert vessel, too. (Just imagine spooning yogurt parfait or chocolate mousse from one of these).
In the summer, keep your Thumb Cups in the fridge or freezer and they will keep your drinks cool longer without ice.
The gentle ridges and thumb dent make for a comfy grip and satisfying tactile experience. Between sips you'll find yourself tracing the throwing lines or your thumb circling the indentation.

Available in White and Black

Made by hand in the USA

About Gravesco Pottery
Indianapolis, Indiana
Gravesco is about handmade pottery and slow living in a hectic world. It’s about a series of intentional choices that begin with a block of wet earth and end up in your hand morning after morning as part of your ritual for starting the day. Pottery is about more than the design and craftsmanship. It is about the connection from our hands to yours. We intend to bring functional work to the table that breaks from traditional design and elevates any room of one’s home. We thrive on collaboration that matches with the evolving world of space-making. This, combined with the effort to bring awareness to behavior and improvement in our environment makes Gravesco not only a brand of pottery, but a lifestyle.