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We were able to gift a lovely sum to the women! Thank you for your support! If you want to support, please consider purchasing items from our Guatemala collection and sign up for our email list for future projects! 

We are heading to Guatemala in late August, and we are so excited to meet the women weavers who have created some of our favorites in the Finery.  

We know you will want to help women in Guatemala fundraise for a Children's Library and Activity Center, so let us fill you in...

Summer met Sandi of 
Resilient Threads while working in a women's shelter in Olympia where they shared big dreams for women's economic empowerment.

After visiting Guatemala a few times, Sandi and her husband stayed. There, she imagined a fair-trade import business and created strong equitable partnerships with the women making artisan goods their way, and for good wages.

At PennyLark, we strive for strong relationship with the brands we sell. Sandi has been inviting us to visit these weavers and seamstresses since before was launched. When we started carrying Resilient Threads and saw how much you all enjoyed their products, we knew it was time to take her up on a trip to meet these makers and pick up our next order in person!

We will be meeting with many groups, but there is one that is a new group that could use some support. A group of 10 women seamstresses called Saq B'e is a co-op in Guatemala that Resilient Threads works closely with. They have been with Resilient Threads since the inception that happened from dreaming together. Their indigenous group is Mam, as is their first language. They live in the highlands of Guatemala. 

They meet in the home of Silvia and call her home “the house of peace” where there are no men and they can be themselves. They sew on treadle machines and many items are sewn with handwoven “upcycled” fabric. They create cloth napkins, placemats, table runners, baby bibs, market bags, hot pads and small backpacks. They are working on a prototype for PennyLark Finery now (more on that, soon enough)!

Two of these women attended a workshop on the importance of reading to children and shared that information with their group of women sewers. Since then, the group has had dreams of creating a small children's library and activity center for their own children, as well as, for the women who come for sewing classes.  

Sandi contacted a small indie bookstore in Spokane, WA, called The Wishing Tree, and they have fundraised and taken book donations that we will be bringing with us to this group. PennyLark Finery asked this group how we can support their effort, and they have requested help with paint, supplies, and flooring for the center. This space will be used for gathering, workshops, sewing classes, and an overall safe place for women and their children. Donations will pay for flooring, furniture, painting, and fixing up the sewing room. 

They have also asked Alison and Summer to facilitate a workshop on skill building art that the women can do with their children to bond, engage, and encourage develop. Alison has packed up backpacks full of art supplies and we will be teaching a class on our second day in Guatemala on August 22, 2022.  

Here is where you all come in. We would like to give them a cash donation to complete work on the center. And we think PennyLark customers (that's YOU) would love to make this happen for them. We are offering a purchase of a $50 donation to their efforts, and PennyLark Finery will bring you a sweet little mystery souvenir, so you can experience this incredible trip from where you are!  

We don't know what we will be bringing back for you, so it will be a surprise!  

Orders for the mystery Guatemala souvenir will be ship out Mid-September. You will receive tracking. If you prefer to skip the souvenir, and just want to give, there is an option for that, too. We will be posting to our social media channels and email list about this ongoing work and relationship.  

Thank you for your support!  

May this shop grow strong, and provide for many women.

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Sending gifts from PennyLark means you are supporting women owned, small business with values. Search gifts creatively made without the labor and environmental exploitation of mass produced overseas goods. We run our business on love of community, and wrap every package like a gift.



I recently discovered this amazing website and ordered necklaces for my daughters. I received them in 2 days! Not only did they arrive quickly, they were carefully packed and beautifully wrapped. I wanted to peek so bad but resisted because I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the wrapping. This website empowers, features and recognizes women artists and honors their work.
They cared so much they asked for feedback and responded when I provided it. This will definitely be one of my go to sites for gift giving.

Becky From the Barrio
Seattle, WA

We all need that special thing for our ourselves/lover/sister/friend.

The sweet thing is that the research is done on where to intentionally drop our cash! I simply love the products, stories behind who creates the products and the fact that I can depend on the best curated collections.

This all makes Pennylark Finery my go-to place - and why I’m getting ready to put order number four out the door. Thank you, PennyLark Finery!

Jen Tamby
Olympia, WA

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