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Lavender Bath Balm by R&ARIE This is not your ordinary bath bomb. R&ARIE has created these Bath Balms to provide a luxurious and truly immersive bath experience. The quality is exceptional. You will emerge relaxed and hydrated. Pamper your self in love and skin nourishing oil. Pairs well with I Matter Self Oil. Available in as a single bath balm or as a set of 4. Ingredients Baking soda Citric acid Shea butter Apricot kernel oil Lavender essential oil (lavendula angustifolia) About R&ARIE Founder Reeba Daniel (she/her) of R&ARIE is answering a call to action. "I am determined to collaboratively build a holistic self care system powered by manufacturing small batch, minimal ingredient spa products, small business collaborations and networks." As a social impact company R&ARIE will always: • Amplify the voices of underserved womxn and increase inclusivity in the "beauty standard" for Black , Indigenous , LGBTQIA womxn. • Utilize products derived from nature with holistic benefits. • Work to increase housing, food, emotional, spiritual, fiscal self-care resiliency for womxn. • Partner with selected companies to increase generational wealth collaboratively.

May this shop grow strong, and provide for many women.

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Sending gifts from PennyLark means you are supporting women owned, small business with values. Search gifts creatively made without the labor and environmental exploitation of mass produced overseas goods. We run our business on love of community, and wrap every package like a gift.



I recently discovered this amazing website and ordered necklaces for my daughters. I received them in 2 days! Not only did they arrive quickly, they were carefully packed and beautifully wrapped. I wanted to peek so bad but resisted because I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the wrapping. This website empowers, features and recognizes women artists and honors their work.
They cared so much they asked for feedback and responded when I provided it. This will definitely be one of my go to sites for gift giving.

Becky From the Barrio
Seattle, WA

We all need that special thing for our ourselves/lover/sister/friend.

The sweet thing is that the research is done on where to intentionally drop our cash! I simply love the products, stories behind who creates the products and the fact that I can depend on the best curated collections.

This all makes Pennylark Finery my go-to place - and why I’m getting ready to put order number four out the door. Thank you, PennyLark Finery!

Jen Tamby
Olympia, WA

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