We are living in an era where digital connections really matter. It has brought us here, to PennyLark Finery.

Coming of age in a DIY, counterculture, music focused scene, we have long valued the goods, handmade or imagined, by our friends. After sharing a house while attending the Evergeen State College in Olympia, WA, our friendship has grown stronger even when we have lived states apart. We have always fortified our relationship through the giving and receiving of gifts. As we have entered this new digital era of our lives, we have been thinking deeply about the emotional value of those gifts.

A Gift is a Story

It is the story of the maker--the passion for their craft and sacrifices made to gift their art to the world.

It is a story of the care that a dear friend took while browsing a shop to choose a gift for you--an item that sparks a memory, an inside joke, or shows you how much you mean to them.

It is a story of unwrapping, of holding a new thing of beauty, and of choosing the right spot for it, to feature and admire. PennyLark Finery is building a community, to join these stories together. We are connecting the makers and artists, with the people who will treasure their creations.

Summer Carrick is a Digital Marketer with a Masters Degree in New Media from The New School in New York. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, she dreamed up PennyLark to combine her successes in business development, non-profit and social justice organizing, and small business marketing, with a passion for connecting people in the digital landscape.

Alison Hicks is a Retail Manager with experience in specialty product sales, online operations and fulfillment, and facilitating memorable customer experiences. She is currently living outside of Seattle, Washington. She dreamed up PennyLark to combine her decades of experience with what she loves, sourcing thoughtful handmade and creative goods that bring the world much needed joy.